Pokoe to get you started!!

Pokoe to get you started!!

Soms is wat smooth talk al genoeg om het vuur tussen mijn benen aan te wakkeren (soms nog minder, maar dat terzijde). De meeste guys kunnen nog wel wat leren van de volgende lyrics, want oh my god it’s gettin’ hot in herre! Tip: dit is er eentje om gewoon thuis te kijken met  een bootycall binnen handbereik of je zal het brandje zelf moeten blussen..

1.Bed by J. Holiday

"Wanna put my fingers through your hair,
wrap me up in your legs,
and love you till your eyes roll back […]
Then I’ma rock your body, turn you over.
Love is war. I’m your soldier.
Touchin you like it’s our first time."

Geef me meerrr

2. Blow by Beyonce

"Can you eat my skittles? It's the sweetest in the middle (yeah)
Pink is the flavor, solve the riddle (yeah)
I'm-a lean back, don't worry it's nothing major
Make sure you clean that
It's the only way to get the flavor."

Wat, waar, welke skittles?!

3. Slow Motion by Trey Songz

"So shawty let your hair down, take a sip.
Go and put this joint between your lips.
Baby, why don’t you make yourself comfortable.
While I go and put this tongue on you.
So tell me when you ready. I’ma speed it up for you just for a second.
Just for a second. Then I’ma slow it back down and keep it steady."

omg omg omg

​4. Birthday Sex by Jeremih

"It’s your birthday so you know we gettin down.
I’m gon put it on. Til the neighbors hear the sound.
We could get it poppin on the living room floor.
Til I hear you holla baby gimme more.
See it’s your birthday so I’m happy to ablige.
Lick up on that magic box between your thighs."

please let it be my birthday

5. Skin by Mac Miller

Kissin' your lips
I lick my fingertips and get your clitoris in the mix
My dick on business trips
My tongue twistin' is ticklin' just a little bit
I'm swimmin' inside of your skin like a river
In the Caribbean

Geef het me, nu.

6. Freak me by Another Level

I love the taste of whipped cream spread it on the top of me
You know I can`t resist you girl
I`ll fly you all around the world
I wanna see your body drip come on let me take a sip
To calm what you cherish most
Cause we`re not about to brag and boast

Freak me, baby

7. Sex Me by R. Kelly

Come over here and let me take off your clothes.
Cause things I wanna do to you, nobody has to know(know baby).
Just lay your body right here, lady have no fear cause ecstasy is near (ooh baby).
Any unexpected positions, bring it on.

Jaaa, bring it on!

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